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 History of Lawns

The earliest lawns appeared in medieval times as open grasslands around castles and churches, as clearings to allow guards an unobstructed view of anyone approaching. These “commons” as they were known, allowed villagers to graze their sheep and cattle on, which became the earliest ‘hooved’ lawnmowers!

The first cultivated lawns appeared during the 16th Century in Britain and France for the wealthy, but these were actually usually planted with thyme or chamomile, rather than grass.

Closely cut grass lawns started to appear in England in the 17th Century, before lawnmowers were invented they required many hands to tend to them and so having a grass lawn was a huge mark of wealth and status.

Lawns took a great leap in 1830 when Edwin Budding invented the cylinder lawnmower, domesticating grass lawns, and the green space at the front and rear of a home became expected. And ever since, having a beautiful garden lawn has slowly become a bit of an English obsession, and an obsession that are very passionate about!

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