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 Laying Turf

Having a new turf lawn laid or installed completely transforms a garden and once established it requires relatively little maintenance.

Garden turf can be laid or fitted throughout the year, although some times of year are better than others and require different amounts of turf aftercare.

You can choose to go DIY and lay the turf yourself, or you can have a free quotation for us to come and carry out the full work of laying turf and even carrying out the full ground preparation work for you which is required for any new lawn. No matter what state the site is currently in, we can transform it into a fantastic new lawn. You may even be surprised at the price, our quotes often rival the price of doing it yourself when all relevant costs are included.

Order securely onlineGood preparation is the key to a healthy, beautiful lawn and this is where the hard work must be done to build a good soil base. Quality topsoil delivery to site which then needs to be levelled and compacted before pre-turf fertiliser is supplied.Lawn turf is usually laid in a brickwork pattern to ensure that no turf roll ends meet, plus a surrounding border of turf rolls laid all around the edge of the area.

When turf fitting is being carried out it is a good idea to use a scaffold board or similar tostand on and lay from so that you are not walking on and disturbing the soil base whilst you are fitting the garden turf rolls, and so that you do not walk on or damage the garden turf rolls themselves once laid.

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